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  2. Texas lies about numbers of Covid
  3. Covid Exaggeration Chart
  4. No Proof of Covid-19 or Deaths from it
  5. Business card size reasons why masks are unhealthy
  6. Religious reasons for not wearing Covid mask
  7. Authority for Covid Restrictions Argued and Disproved
  8. Power Point on why Covid Restrictions are Unlawful
  9. 2nd Letter to Texas House Committee on Mass Violence highlighting Tyranny and State Terrorism, state mass violence & Covid Restrictions
  10. Covid Restrictions: Tyranny & State Terrorism
  11. Email to all my local officials
  12. Discussion between Avery & Epstein about health & tyranny
  13. Request Gov Abbott to issue Executive Order to Cease & Desist all tyrannous "Covid-19 Restrictions" & enforce rights of all individuals to follow or disregard all Covid-19 Recommendations as they cannot rise to the level of law in Texas.
  14. Covid Fact and Media Fiction
  15. Walgreens & NBC protest posters
  16. New bumper stickers - 3 per vinyl sheet
  17. Covid-19 Masks, Tests & Vaccines cannot be Mandated
  18. Letter to send to Schools & Employers Unlawful Covid-19 Mandates Violate Political & Medical Science & Christian Principles
  19. Revised version of letter to schools and employers sent to State Board of Education and TEA.
  20. Revision 5 to ISDs
  21. Letter to Los Angeles Mayor & City Council on Potion Mandate
  22. Letter to Joe Biden concerning his unlawful vaccine & Covid-19 mandates
  23. Christian Declaration in Defense of Natural Born Man