You are now Dronable!

By Ron Avery

The latest political move to be defended by the Obama administration is the question of a president’s authority to have American citizens and their family members and friends droned to death without their knowledge and without an arrest or a fair trial to prove their guilt of the crime they are charged with. In case you are unfamiliar with droning, it is the act of being killed by an unmanned remotely operated aircraft. reported that Charles Krauthammer in his Washington Post column and on FOX said that America is in an eternal war against terror or al Qaeda and those nations that harbor them because Osama Bin Laden declared war on the US in 1996. Bill O’Reilly said, “But we don’t have a declared war.” Krauthammer said that Bush “got authority three days after 9/11 to use force against Al Qaeda and those that harbor them, which is the modern equivalent of a declaration of war.” He further said that Americans that pick up arms against the United States forfeit their Constitutional rights to due process and may be droned to death on the word of the president who is commander-in-chief of the military. Krauthammer said that “if an American citizen took up arms against America or joined Al Qaeda that they could be droned just as we can do to enemies in Yemen, Saudi, and Pakistan.” Bill O’Reilly did not challenge Krauthammer at any point but let the assertions of Krauthammer stand un-rebutted.

Dr. Krauthammer is far from any principle related to war or lawful government. It is not lawful to declare a war against a type of a person, fat, ugly, IRA, Mossad, or al Qaeda, or otherwise, and then set out to kill them individually in any country in the world. That is a completely new doctrine that is not proven anywhere in the world or in any court in the world. What on earth would give President Bush or Obama the right to drone individuals and their family members and friends in Yemen, Pakistan, England, or China because they were thought to be enemy combatants against the United States? No one on earth should be allowed to commence that kind of abject tyranny in the world! It’s one thing to bomb an army or group of soldiers but it is totally another thing to bomb individuals in their car with their family as was done by Obama.

Let us start from the beginning of this defining fraudulent doctrine upon which all Western political decisions rest for the 21st Century. It starts with the presumption that the destruction of the World Trade Center and the explosions at the Pentagon and in a field in Shanksville, PA, were caused by the alleged 19 Al Qaeda suspects.

When indisputable evidence surfaced that a new highly explosive material called nanothermite was discovered in all the dust samples taken at the WTC, no government agency in America bothered to investigate the source of that material. When Larry Silverstein, who leased the WTC in late July of 2001, admitted that the 47 story WTC Building 7 was “pulled” by the New York Fire Department on 9/11/01 at 5:20 PM, no US government agency questioned the lease holder or the fire department about how that could happen or when and how the fire department wired it for pulling. No US government agency ever investigated the strange disappearance or evaporation of all B757 parts upon impact from the Pentagon and Shanksville supposed crash sites. If the US government were required to prove their case that the Twin Towers were destroyed by two B767 jets and their fuel fires, rather than the precise placement of over ten tons of nanothermite charges throughout the buildings they could not do it. If the US government were required to prove that a B757 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11/01 they could not do it. If the US government were required to prove that a B757 crashed at Shanksville on 9/11/01 they could not do it.

And upon this fraud they build another fraud, namely, that the US president may, at his own discretion, have individuals, even American, in foreign nations, and in the US, “terminated” while riding along in their cars with their family because they are thought to be aligned with Al Qaeda. This has gone way too far folks! And now we have drones in the sky over America. Any American citizen in America can be droned while riding in their car with their spouse and children if the so-called US president suspects they have taken up arms against the US government. We need a full investigation of what really happened on 9/11/01. Go to for a template of a real 9/11 trial.

Is the 2nd Amendment God given right to keep and bear arms and form militias going to mean that Americans have taken up arms against the US government? In the eyes of the tyrants and criminals that have taken over our nation that means you are now dronable. Your US Constitution no longer exists in any form or fashion! This is a national citizen emergency! See


Ron Avery is a semi-retired architect, author and speaker on topics regarding Christian theology and the principles of property that regulate every aspect of lawful government.