3.    Provide Tools for others to use in starting their neighborhood / County Militia.

We have organized this site to be used by all people wanting to form a local or county militia. We will post the tools we use to develop our local militia. And if anyone has a good idea and a good tool to help form it they may send the idea or document to this website (taphouse@sbcglobal.net) for posting and use by all.

If the people are not organized their defense weapons are of no use to them or anyone else. No governor is going to break stride with the federal government and call up the militia and maintain it. And we cannot count on any government official or even the sheriff to step out of the status quo to assist us our God given right of forming local and county militias, as they worry about being elected to for continued “public service.” Therefore it is up to you and you alone. You are either going to step up to the plate or let your area perish under tyranny.

We have outlined the following steps:

1.      Prepare and print sufficient numbers fliers that you can leave with your neighbors and others around the county as you go door to door.

2.      Form a group of interested people all over the county who want to participate.

a.       Each person should work in their neighborhood and

b.      Coordinate with each other over the county.

c.       Form committees and chairman for different tasks based upon what they know best and want to do.

d.      Assign jobs nobody likes to everyone.

e.       Those with military experience should be chairmen of drills and types of drills

3.      Go door to door in your own neighborhood.

a.       Ask the neighbor if they would be interested in being part of an organized militia to defend your comprehensive gun rights and to help prevent the confiscation of them if it is attempted by any.

b.      We can provide that template here and it will be coming shortly.

4.      Write a letter to the county sheriff telling them what you are doing and a little bit about your methods and understanding of your right to do these things:

a.       Inform them of your God given inalienable rights;

b.      Volunteer your efforts and group to work under the sheriff as a posse if they should need help.

c.       Let the sheriff know what they could expect if called and how long it would take to respond.

d.      Also encourage the sheriff to defend our individual and communal God given inalienable rights to all firearms in defense of the state, and fellow citizens against all that would endanger property or disarm individuals or groups.

5.      Write a letter to your area churches if you are a Christian and know something about the duty of the church to defend the flock both spiritually and physically.

a.       This can be a form letter and can be sent to many churches.

b.      We intend to have a draft of such a letter posted here for your use if you like.

c.       Encourage the pastors to form a group of their own as a black robed brigade for the protection of the property of their flock as happened in early America.

6.      Christians and others could form a prayer group that focuses on this issue alone and ask for God’s intervention and protection.

7.      Learn where your local FEMA CAMP is so you can inform others and make a visit to the location for your own information so you can inform others.

8.      Hold a meeting somewhere of all those who are interesting in the organization.

9.      Develop a strategy to prevent local or county wide confiscation of firearms by any armed force.

10.  Hold a meeting at firing ranges so that members can site in their defense weapons.

11.  Practice drills of contacting members and driving to various locations somewhere.

12.  Maintain this group by having social times like cover dish dinners and presentations by those that have something to contribute to how militias are formed and maintained and promoted.

a.       Ask your local sheriff, police chief, mayor, councilmen, and commissioners and judges etc. to speak at these events.

13.  Those who want to disarm the people will not rest and we should not either. Thanks to Piers Morgan, CNN and TIME WARNER my life is now focused on one thing the organization and maintenance of a Guadalupe County, Texas Militia under the name of Sovereign Citizens Armed Against Tyranny. A government that does not fear the people will destroy the people and take all they have. “Power corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!”