Lt. Col. White,

I knew you would do that. The only reason you left the first post up was to make you look reasonable and to nicely dismiss me as just another conspiracy nut with mere unfounded theories (like the Jewish owned major media in America does to those with the facts). But that cheap trick will not establish the truth for you or for Brigitte Gabriel or the USA. I have the facts and you have opinions which are not supported by the facts and you cannot defend your opinions and the only solution for you and your companions is to avoid the topic and dismiss all those with facts.

You make it sound like I would use your facebook page as a “platform for me.” But your real fear is that I would use your facebook page as a platform for truth which would drive away all those who chose to be ignorant as your only comfort and safety from truth is in large groups of truth avoiders.

I thought your group was called “American Congress for Truth” or “ACT for America San Antonio.” What your action proves is that your facebook page is not a platform for truth but a platform for Jewish propaganda as if the Jews didn’t have enough platforms for their propaganda in CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the so-called “talk radio” through out the now dissolved and destroyed USA.

Then you say to me, “Believe what you wish,” as if I believed something that had no grounds or factual merit. But you know that it is you who believe in theories, stories and myths that are not supported by facts. As a result you cannot defend your beliefs and have only the option of dismissal and removal of those that do have the facts.


Ron Avery


I am attaching my two postings to your facebook page “Act for America San Antonio” for reference in hopes that you can provide some forensic evidence to support your myths that would sufficiently dismiss my evidence to the contrary.


Post #1:

You might want to ask Brigitte about Larry Silverstein's comments about how the 47 story World Trade Center Building 7 was demolished on 9/11/01. He admitted it was "pulled" by the fire department after they made the decision to pull it upon Larry's advice. We know that 47 story buildings cannot be wired for pulling in a few hours so it was prewired while occupied and since that is true would it be impossible for Larry to wire Towers 1 and 2 while occupied? And do you know why the South Tower collapsed first being hit last? The firemen made it to the impact location and found only a few pockets of fire they radioed they would put out with two lines or hoses. Immediately after this message the building was detonated in order to prevent the extinguishing of all the fires in the South Tower. The twin towers were obsolete skyscrapers on the brink of being condemned for asbestos fireproofing over 60% of it that was flaking off. Super Nano-thermite was found in all dust samples taken from various locations around the WTC. This high-tech military incendiary was developed and patented in 2000 at Los Alamos and Livermore labs. Rivers and pools of molten iron was found in the basements covered with debris of all three skyscrapers. Molten iron is a by-product of a nanothermite reaction and provides its own oxidizer so it burns without oxygen. It is impossible for hijackers to have destroyed the WTC in this fashion. But that is the facts. You can face the facts or run and lick the feet of your masters.


Post #2:

You are welcome. But I don't have as much passion as I have facts that point to anyone who suggests that Muslims are a threat are a threat themselves since Muslims did not do the attacks of 9/11/01 of which all this anti-Muslim hysteria is built upon. Passion under the control of propagandist is the real threat. And the forefathers warned us against it. We are not to be passionate but perceptive and calculative, also harmless as doves and wise as serpents. But ACT is the other way around. Brigitte Gabriel is a Jewish propagandist (rather a propagandist for Israel and the Jews) and obviously her organization has swallowed every bit of it, hook, line, and sinker and so has the so-called "Tea Party." The only current threat we have today is the continued use of the Mossad in black ops by a Jewish controlled America via the fraudulent currency system. And if any of you are Christians, I want to know how you reconcile your Christian doctrines while doing the dirty work of the Jews who have traded the present Kingdom of God and Heaven for some desert real estate. On the return of Christ do not be doing the dirty work of the anti-Christ Jews in the Middle East or anywhere else. Obama is said to have attacked Syria because of the beheading videos posted on line which have been proven to be fake by forensic experts that work for the London Police Department as reported by the UK Times. If the videos were staged what do we really know about any of this? Are these guys still alive? There is no proof of anything except the beheadings are fake. And all the evidence of 9/11/01 points to entities other than Muslim hijackers. So where is the threat again? But here's a good solution: Why don't we just get an opinion that we are comfortable with and then passionately defend it against all the facts and kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, children for something they did not do. God will surely bless that approach especially when its for Israel.



Brigitte Gabriel, Jewish propagandist (rather propagandist for Israel), is coming to San Antonio on 10/6/2014 get details at and at She will be speaking from 7 PM-9PM, at Village Parkway Baptist, San Antonio 3002 Village Parkway Dr, San Antonio, TX 78251




From: ACT! for America San Antonio Chapter

Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 7:05 PM

To: Ron Avery

Subject: Info




I have deleted your comments on our page Ron.  Believe what you wish but our page won't be a platform for you. First time was fine, sorry to vote you off the island.



Good luck to you in the future.


Lt Col Roy White (ret), Chapter Coordinator

ACT! for America San Antonio Chapter

Boerne, TX