Ron Avery wants to Live Stream A/V Important Events



I am trying to build a live-stream following so I can make it monetarily feasible to cover all kinds of news worthy events that are ignored by the main-stream or lame-stream press here in Texas. I also want to live-stream any events for any organization.


1.      The only thing I need from you costs you nothing. You simply become a FOLLOWER of me at the link below.

2.      You click on the Follow button at my link below and sign in with a username and password.

3.      I will use my following to show others that their advertising they place with us will get viewers.

4.      I am also affiliated with Morton Falls Publishing Company which operates the Bulverde Standard and the Canyon Lake Week. I have a Press Pass to cover public affairs. I also write for those papers and can provide written copy for any event I live-stream.

5.      I have all the equipment to do LIVE STREAM audio/video as it occurs anywhere and anytime to a special Event Page I prepare for that event.

6.      This event page can be set up in advance and sent out as a link to be watched when the time comes to film it live. All Followers will be notified automatically when a live-stream is started.

7.      The live A/V is displayed on that Event Page with a 10 second delay.

8.      When the filming stops the A/V is immediately and automatically archived there on the same Event Page to be seen at any time later.

9.      The same Event Page can be Updated if desired with new video or new live-streams.

10.  You can also leave your comments on the Event Page and people can message one another as they watch it. Comments can also be made later after the event.

11.  I also make high definition camera copies as I live-stream if someone wants super quality copies of their event for other purposes.

12.  Also let me know of any Important Events coming up that you know about.

13.  Also let me know if you have any event you want live-streamed for any reason. These can be fun private events you want others to see as they happen somewhere else on the planet.

14.  Finally if you visit my live-stream pages more than once you will most likely need to refresh your browser window when returning. If you don't see content you simply push F5 or Refresh on your browser.


My live-streams will get better as I get acquainted with my new equipment.


Take a look at all my Event Pages at


I will Live-Stream news worthy events for free if I can afford them (meaning the event is located in the San Antonio / Austin corridor). But I will also do live-streams for anyone or group for an affordable fee.


E-mail me: for a quote




Ron Avery