Also see the following videos regarding the difference between a Republic and a Democracy and a Bankarchy and Dissolved government filmed at Bag Pipes Pub and Grille in Austin Texas at a meeting of the Travis County Republican Liberty Caucus in 2009. But it is still relevant. Ron Avery does the first 2 and 1/2 segments followed by Deanna Newberg:

You might also want to see a later presentation to the State Board of Education made by Deanna Newberg covering these same principles of property. Notice that Deanna met with resistance by a board member who believed all of Deanna's concerns were being satisfied in the fifth grade curriculum. If these principles were so taught well throughout the Texas Public School system our State and Nation would not be dissolved and our property would be protected by a lawful government. The condition of our state and nation testifies to the ignorance of the people about the principles of property.

Ron Avery ran for US House Texas District 28 in 2006. His answers to questions and issues seem just as correct and relevant today as they are based upon the principles of property:

The following is a presentation by Mark Anderson of the American Free Press covering the Bilderberg Meetings: