Organized Global Tyranny Offered by Dissolved States & Super Wealthy Global Cartel:

The National Intelligence Council (NIC)

  1. Director of the (NIC)
  2. Director of the (NIC)
  3. The Office of the (NIC)
  4. NIC Global Trends: 2040 (home)
  5. NIC Global Trends: 2040 (whole document)
  6. Global Trends: NIC 2025
  7. Global Trends: Paradox of Progress 2017 NIC
  8. Global Trends NIC 2015

The World Economic Forum (WEF):

  1. The World Economic Forum (WEF)
  2. The Great Reset by WEF "New Global Social Contract"
  3. Eight Predictions For The World in 2030 Youtube video (WEF)
  4. WEF "you will own nothing"
  5. WEF 4th Industrial Revolution Impact on "Government"