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    Courses That Prove Dissolved / Overthrown Status:

    1. Critical Thinking & Conspiracy Theories by Dr. James Fetzer, Philosophy Professor Emeritus
    2. "Communitarianism" Used by Globalists by Laurence Cumbie
    3. Giving Military to a Foreign Entity (UN, NATO) by Mark Anderson & Ron Avery

    Courses That Analyze Solutions Advocated By Others:

    1. Course on "Jural Assemblies" Advocated by Anna Von Reitz by Ron Avery
    2. Citizenship Alteration
    3. Secession
    4. Convention of States
    5. Electing Better Candidates

    Means To New Lawful Government:

    1. Declaration of Intent to Form a New Republic of Texas
    2. State Required Purge of Federal Violations to Maintain a Republic in Every State of The Union
    3. Creation of a New Federal Union.

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