Lawful Government
or "The Great Reset"

We do not have a "deep state" problem in America. We have a dissolved state problem in America. That is where lawful government has been dissolved by the alteration of a constitutional provision by law without approval by the people in the states or by the states in the union. The result is a dissolved social contract that no longer delegates authority of the people to the government it created. The exercise of power without authority is tyranny by definition. We presently suffer under tyranny. This condition is present over much of the world.

Very wealthy individuals, their corporations, think tanks and networks that control these dissolved governments know this as well. They further know it is not long before sufficient numbers of people will discover this and make lawful government for themselves and their fellowman. This Super Wealthy Global Cartel (SWGC) is at this time accelerating their push for globalism and a "great reset" which is nothing short of a "new global social contract" between them and the world. This is world domination by the super wealthy for the super wealthy.

To illustrate this knowledge of dissolution by the "United States" union we submit that it's Office of the Director of National Intelligence is promoting the same policies and doctrines that are being marketed to the world by the SWGC. This means the dissolved government of the "US" is participating in the substitution of the dissolved "US Constitution" with the "new global social contract." Therefore this website is to compare what the SWGC is offering the inhabitants of the world with what lawful governments based upon lawful principles of government can offer.

This website will illustrate the unlawful nature of the proposals made by the SWGC. The right hand column has links to the proposals made by both the World Economic Forum and the "US National Intelligence Council" as well as others who propagate the false doctrines of SWGC. The left hand column will have links to various related articles. Ultimately, we should have the SWGC doctrines on the left and the lawful government doctrines on the right.

What Constitutes LAWFUL GOVERNMENT in the Present Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?


Ron Avery's Book Lawful Government in the Present Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: will be available at this website in June 2022. Also his book Lawful Public Education: The Look of and Transformation to Lawful Public Education in Texas and Beyond will be available at the same time on the Lawful Public Education section of this same website.

Avery's book on Lawful Government will help you with the following questions:
  1. How to determine if you have lawful government;
  2. How to be most effective and efficient in obtaining lawful governance, if you don't have it;
  3. How the Christian church is related to the acquisition and maintenance of lawful government in the Present Existing Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
  4. How Globalism excludes lawful government and the principles thereof.