1. Avery's Rebuttal to James Redford's Treatise "Jesus is an Anarchist"
  2. Avery Critiques Stefan Molyneux's view of anarchy
  3. The Rights of Israel in booklet form for printing and binding. It shows the rise of the unlawful "State of Israel" and its support from mainstream hereitical Christians.
  4. Rights of Israel in simple page layout for one printing and reading. It shows the same as above.
  5. Avery Letter to Dr. Jerrress FOX NEWS Contributor and Senior Pastor of 1st Baptist Dallas Avery refutes Jeffress claim that Romans 13 grants authority from God for Christian Americans to bring wrath and fire and brimstone to destroy Islam and reveals the real meaning of Romans 13 and how it correctly applies to Pastors and Christians under tyranny in America.
  6. Email exchange showing American Congress for Truth San Antonio cannot handle the truth about 9/11. See my video response to Brigitte Gabriel's video advertising her presentation at Parkway Village Baptist Church in San Antonio 10/6/14 at INFORM ACT
  7. Declaration of the Observation of Dissolution of the so-called "united States of America"
  8. Listen to Avery explain the critical differences between an Observation of Dissolution and Secession in his interview by Rule of Law Radio.
  9. See a history of why America was never intended to be a democracy at Democracy vs. a Republic.
  10. The Jewish Zeitgeist of 9/11/01
  11. See Letter to Pastors concerning why the church should not support Jews or the modern so-called "State of Israel" any more than "Radical Muslims."
  12. My assessment of Directed Energy Weapon use on the WTC as Dr. Judy Wood says she has proven.
  13. A response by Andrew Johnson to my article on the use of a DEW on the WTC.
  14. Andrew Johnson and Ron Avery.
  15. Is Dr. Wood teaching us to see or not or both?
  16. Response to Tom Dowdy on an Article V Convention of the States process.
  17. Western Civilization Summit sponsored by Texas Public Policy Foundation and Texas Tech University.
  18. Power Point Presentation of 14th Anniversary of the 9/11 Tyranny Attack on dissolution and pursuit of lawful government
  19. Argument with Rabbi Trimm concerning American support for the modern so-called "State of Israel."
  20. Avery reviews Erasing The Liberty by Phil Tourney and Dave Gahary
  21. The Meaning of "The Tree of Life" in Old and New Testaments and its deceptive use in the aftermath of a shooting.
  22. Brochure passed out at Capitol in Austin on Secession, Nullification, and Dissolution.
  23. Fake Pandemic Proof Brochure
  24. Fake Pandemic Chart
  25. No Proof of Covid-19 or Deaths from it - time for civil covid disobedience
  26. Business card size reasons why masks are unhealthy
  27. Religious reasons for not wearing Covid mask
  28. Beating the Boogie Bear Bullies by Joe Olson
  29. Resolution Calling for Special Covid Session or Impeachment
  30. Covid-duties vs American Liberty
  31. Power Point on why Covid Restrictions are Unlawful
  32. 2nd Letter to Texas House Committee on Mass Violence highlighting State Terrorism, state mass violence & Covid Restrictions
  33. Dialog between One World Religion & The Way, The Truth & The Life
  34. Protection of People to Create a New Republic
  35. Protection of Creation of Republic
  36. Declaration of Intent to Form a New Republic of Texas

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