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The unlawful federal standing army is practicing in the Southwest including Texas under the scenario that the area has become hostile. It perceives you are hostile to the federal unlawful standing army. You should now join or start a local militia and practice for the coming of unlawful force from a dissolved unlawful tyrannical federal government that no longer has authority. All it has left is force. Missouri Congress Nullifies All Federal Gun Laws! GOOD FOR THEM - Let's do that in Texas! MAKE the following YOUR MAIN POLITICAL PRIORITY! * Download and Print our flier (#4 under TASKS) and walk your neighborhood to create your own local militia * Feb 2013 DOJ Memo has recommended that all guns in America be confiscated in violation of 2nd Amendment *

Bank of American is closing its doors in southern California on June 15, 2015 in the same location marked as "hostile" on the Jade Helm 15 map. Get Ready!

See really good article on Operation Jade Helm 15 here.
See meaning of "JADE HELM 15" below Federal Intent on Left Hand Menu and/or click here

See list of the 17 cities in Texas where the use of the unconstitutional federal standing army will be used:

The list of 17 Cities in Texas
(Bold cities we can Live-Stream):
Bastrop Smithville Big Spring
Caddo Lake Caldwell Christoval
College Station Dell City Eldorado
Goliad Junction Leakey
Menard Mountain Home San Angelo
San Antonio Victoria Burton

Mark Anderson of the American Free Press is interviewed by UK Column News about what Jade Helm 15 could really be about and what the Pentagon is really up to in its quest to "Master the Human Domain." After the video begins move the slide bar to 15:45 where it begins and continues to the end.

Dirty bomb exercise coming up in June. All the dissolved government has to do is set one off and go looking for anybody they want and do what ever they want to them and the media will back them up. It's the new norm! The justification for all these "exercises" is making sure all agencies are prepared for terrorists using weapons of mass destruction. But what no one is prepared for is mass tyranny using weapons of mass destruction and the military to completely destroy the last bit of freedom in America. Who is preparing for that which we see forming all around us?

Another good analysis of operation Jade Helm 15 or the July 15, 2015 operation take control of the pain in the side:

The following is an excellent analysis of the purpose of the mysterious Jade Helm 2015:

The following is a revelation of why the dissolved US government wants "Jade Helm 15" in place so when the US government calls for ISIS to attack in America, they will be able to justify the US military all over everything so that there is a reason to clamp down on every freedom and sweep Americans they don't like into the mess without notice.

This link is to a KENS 5 article about hundreds of troops coming into Camp Bullis in San Antonio, Texas dated 7/13/15

The following is a video proving the spokesmen for Operation Jade Helm 15 in Bastrop lied about property owners asking the government to hold these exercises on their land and that they werre not compensated for that.