1. Prove Need
  2. Prove Right
  3. Provide Tools
  1. God and Militia
  2. Right to Militia
  3. Second Amendment
  4. Locke: Dissolution, Remedy, Militia
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  6. George Washington
  7. Alexander Hamilton
  8. Frederic Bastiat
  9. Publius Huldah Explains why ALL federal gun laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL (25 min. video & notes)
  10. Texas AG Greg Abbott tells Obama to reject UN Arms Trade Treaty
  11. Missouri Nullifies Federal Gun Laws
  1. Letter to US President Mass Shootings & 2nd Amendment 8.5 x 11
  2. Brochure of Open Letter to Trump Mass Shootings & 2nd Amendment
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  4. Sample Letter to Pastors
  5. Sample Letter to Local Sheriff
  6. Sample Door to Door Flier
  7. "Business" Cards
  1. Sheriff Mack
  2. Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association
  3. Oath Keepers
  4. Well Regulated American Militias
  5. Second Amendment Pastors and Churches
  1. The meaning of "Jade Helm 15"
  2. Data concerning Jade Helm 15
  3. Department of Justice recommends full gun confiscation
  4. Eric Holder wants to Brainwash people about how bad guns are
  5. Vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder denied gun rights!
  6. DHS is preparing to pick up your gun from your home with a tank
  7. DOJ "White Paper" on why Americans can be Droned in America
  8. Video records Rep. Jan Schakowsky saying "this is just the beginning, hand guns are next!"
  9. Southern Poverty Law Center Says Christian Militia is Domestic Terrorism
  10. Southern Poverty Law Center Warns DHS about Christian Militia Terrorist
  11. US Plan for Complete Disarmament Document
  12. Final Draft of UN Gun Trade Treaty with yellow comments for approval at UN in March 2013.
  13. Feds want to arrest Sheriffs that don't enforce infringements on the 2nd Amendment
  14. FEMA Camps for Dissenters not Illegal Aliens and natural disasters!
  15. Dissolved US Government Did 9/11/01
  1. Youtube Part 1 of 10 of "The Sword and the Purse" by Edwin Viera Jr. Ph. D.